I’m Kemetic, a seer, poet, furry, geek, and metalhead. I’m also neurodivergent with SZD, OCD, and hyperphantasia. I have tenacious spirit, a deviant heart, and a diverse palette in many artistic mediums. I’m bold and butch but I have a sweet, sensitive, creative, and expressive demeanor that is epitomized by my bodacious boar fursona. I love polytheism, esotericism, history, sexuality, cuisine, subculture, music, literature, poetry, indie gaming, and online communities. I also volunteer regularly as a cashier at a friends of the library bookstore. My boyfriend is a horror punk and writer with an outrageous and evocative personal style. He has a major sweet tooth, a soft spot for fragrant bubble baths, a natural gift for flavorful cooking, and a love of all things pagan, spooky, mysterious, dramatic, and historical – that is boldly represented by an equally ferocious feline fursona. He shares a lot of the same values that I do so we both actively encourage each other to broaden and refine our tastes. We both love horror, so when we’re not shopping for spooky decor or turning heads with our morbidity we’re likely enjoying a horror movie or paranormal series.


In addition to my love of alternative subculture and spirituality, I have also been a member of the gaining community for a long time – as well as the broader fetish community. with my participation in the furry community being a more recent personal affirmation. Much in the same way as my other pursuits, my examination of sexuality is informed by my broader aesthetic and philosophical sensibilities. This is something that I’ve not only endeavored to express to those I network with, but also in my erotic poetry as well as other forms of art. I have created this website as a place to share my own lifestyle insights with others, and to make a separate space for decidedly risque pursuits. Though I’m an openly hedonistic person, I value discretion and consent in my endeavors. The internet is not much different in that respect. I also prefer to avoid unwanted attention from potentially toxic people. I will also be using this website to house useful information on sexual fetishism as well as any creative projects with an erotic focus.